Thursday, April 17, 2014

BB Friday Q&A Webinar 4/17/14

Ron Anderson speaking:

Good morning, welcome to the Friday call even though we are doing it on Thursday this week.  It's been another busy week, a lot of good things happening.

Chris Smith speaking:

I know we have on the screen the World Tour info.  Exciting things are coming up, so if you can make it to the World Tour, you should come out and meet and greet the team and have a personal touch of the operation.

Let's start off with payments.  This is Easter weekend, tomorrow is a holiday, so we will have the payout today.  That is for the v3 eWallet, as well as our first Legacy Wallet and BannersMobile.  Legacy will be monthly around the 18th of the month.  The v3 eWallet will happen weekly.  Payouts will be out shortly.  The order of the v3 account will be the date order of when you created the request.  Legacy is not only date order but also the amount you have received in the past.

Ron Anderson speaking:

Tickets to the World Tour will be available next week.  If you have funds in your eWallet you can use that, or you can purchase through the various payment processors.  Get your tickets soon for a discount.  We have a promotion going where people will be able to win their trip to Trinidad.  The instructions are on the website... (please see the website) We hope to be able to shake your hand and congratulate you on stage.

Payouts are going out today for v3, Mobile and Legacy.  v3 will be going out weekly, and Legacy once a month.  Make sure that you have your withdrawal requests in so that you can be part of the queue.

Panels - people are saying they seem to be a little behind where they should be.  Don't worry, although we cannot say an exact time, historically there is a time during which panels should complete and this will remain basically the same.

ProRating of Admin fees: (please see the video replay for this explanation, as it was detailed as to how and why this happened and how it will be processed) It will be shown on your Legacy Wallet display in the summary.  Your refunds/prorating will show up here.  Also, if you had not paid your admin fees at some point, this will now be caught up and will also show in this area.


$10 monthly admin fee: Depending on your payment processor it may require a bit more, try adding a couple of dollars to the amount and this should resolve the issue.

Panel speeds will be in line with Version 2.

Weekly tasks are coming.  We have a number of tasks that we will implement all at the same time.

If your panels are not moving, please remember you must have an organic campaign active for your panels to move.

Legacy correction- We realize what happened and we are trying to come up with an equitable way to resolve this, so that we can get this resolved in a way that is both beneficial to BB and to the affiliates.

Payout Queue? We are still working through the queue.  Not everyone will receive a payment, but if you don't receive one this time, you are more likely to receive it the next run.

We know there are still tweaks that need to be made to the website.  If you see an issue, please contact support.  We are working on everything being resolved.

Where does the money go as panels complete.  Legacy panels, as they complete those funds go into your legacy wallet.  V3 panels complete and go into your eWallet.

Viewboard - hope every has had time to sign up for this.  If you log in using your BB info, you will be able to see  your panels and other widgets are available to see lots of different things.  If you haven't been on to, please do that.  If you log in using your BB email and password, you can sync Viewboard with your account and see your panels.

Organic links - we are in the process of adding more links.

We still have lots of things we want to add to BB v3, but the majority of it has been done first, and we are able to now work on other facets and assets to make v3 more exciting and interesting.

A lot of people are enjoying the new site. That is great to see that so many people are using it and liking it.

Webinars are coming - executives will have an opportunity to do these webinars.  We will have different types - some on how to use social media and some on how to use BB. These will be in multiple languages. Different schedules will be posted on the BB home page.  You will be able to listen to all sorts of different topics in various languages.  Multiple topics, multiple languages and in multiple timezones.  We hope with these new webinars we will be able to communicate with people in their own language to help you and your teams.

If you send in a support ticket through the back office, there is no fee for that.

Thank you for being here today.  Our attendance is getting much bigger, and we are glad a lot of people are becoming more involved.  It's exciting to see and to be a member of such a great team.  Thank you to support for all the hard work they do. On behalf of Chris and the team here, thank you all for being here today.

If you celebrate Easter, I hope you have a wonderful Easter, and if you don't, then I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

(end of webinar)
(summary notes prepared by Linda Lane and are not official BB transcripts.  Please include this with all repostings.)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Beautiful Trinidad and Tobago

In 3 months, Banners Broker will be coming to Trinidad for the World Tour.  This location received the most votes during our contest to pick the World Tour location and it is not hard to see why.  These twin countries are stunning Caribbean islands with rich natural beauty, a rich history and an exciting culture.  We hope that when you come for the World Tour, you won’t miss out on some of the experiences that make Trinidad and Tobago stand out.

Trinidad and Tobago have many spectacular beaches that make them look like your idea of a Caribbean island.  Long white beaches and crystal blue waters make for the perfect setting to relax, go snorkelling and diving among coral reefs and incredible cruises through mangroves to see exotic wildlife.  The warm sun and refreshing ocean breezes make this a place to take your ease or try something new.

Fort King George on Tobago is something for those who love history, it is an old fortification built over 200 years ago and has become one of the islands principle attractions.  See old cannons, sleeping quarters and the powder magazines.  This site will transport you back to a time very different from ours now.

Trinidad and Tobago also claim an exciting blend of cultural influences that makes them stand out.  From exotic foods to events like goat and crab racing to music that you can’t from dancing to, there is always something to do and people there do it with you. 

Banners Broker is a wonderful opportunity to get to meet affiliates from around the world, to share successes and challenges and to be inspired but it is also a chance to see where those affiliates call home.  The tour has brought people together in countries all over the world and it is this sharing or cultures and experiences that gives BB affiliates stronger ties to each other and the opportunities to build a worldwide business.

We hope to see you there.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Q&A Webinar 4/11/14

Ron Anderson speaking:

Welcome to the webinar.  Hello to everyone around the world. Great to have such a big turnout today. Lots of updates for you. I also have a great staff answering questions as they can.

The first thing I want to touch on is the biggest thing on your minds - payouts! As of this moment, the payouts are being processed and will be going out before the end of "our" day.  Payouts today are v3 payouts.  These will be going out weekly on Fridays.  Next week is a holiday, so we will be doing payouts on Thursday.  We will be doing v3 payouts and Legacy payouts next week.  We want to make sure that everyone who has started a v3 account will receive a payout.  Payouts did go out last week, and will go out again today and next week on Thursday.

World eWallet has put out a press release that they are upgrading their systems.  This has postponed their launch so the systems can be integrated.  This is unfortunate, but we here at BB support World eWallet and we will keep you up to date as to when WeW is ready for launch. On that note, all WeW payouts requests are being REVERSED.  It will be reversed automatically, and you can make withdrawals to Payza or STP in the meantime.  We hope this will be resolved soon, but we cannot speak for WeW.

A NEW product that the team has been working on is ready.  This is called ViewBoard (  This is a new page that you can start all of your Internet searches from.  (Please see the video replay for screenshots of this tool) You can also see  your BB panel summaries on this page.  We are hoping everyone will set this as your homepage.  All the BB news and updates will be on this page.  New widgets can be added to your page.  We will also add incentive items to this page, i.e. a search bar.  We have a team working on developing new methods of getting incentive traffic for you to earn more traffic doing so.

Panel Movement:  We know that some people like to calculate "when" your panels will cap.  We have always said we cannot guarantee when panels will cap.  We know that banners do tend to complete in an approximately same amount of time.  People have noticed that in v3 these panels seem to be set to cap in a longer period of time, but please know that the time periods should be similar to BB2.9.  One of the reasons for the slowness of the site is because there was no cache (Ron explained this - please see video) Therefore this slowed everything down.  A similar thing happened with your panels, and the timeframe was slowed down a little bit.  Many panels being submitted at once created a slight bottleneck.  Panels bought in the first few days seem to be completing slower than panels bought more recently.  But, it's just a matter of math.  The panels are now regular, as you were used to, and panel times should be similar to version 2.9.

Question about Viewboard: You do need to sign up for  You do not need to use your BB sign in, as Viewboard is for everyone.  If you want access to your BB tools, please login with your same BB details (username/password).

Legacy correction: Many saw funds removed from the AdCredits.  There is some confusion over this.  (it's explained on the blog - Ron explained again - please see the video replay for that explanation) (summary only here) There was one wrong number in the code during the migration.  Everyone got a credit for their package they started BB with.  The system was supposed to look at affiliates who had unactivated packages (when you could still purchase multiple packages for transfer) these were to be liquidated and you should have received credits for these unactivated packages.  Instead, you received credit for your package, but not for unactivated packages.  When the programmers found this issue with the legacy panel credits, they resolved it, and that's why the announcement came after the transition occurred.  The team is working hard to make sure everything is done properly.  Any changes from now on, I will be notified and you will get info in advance.

BB World Tour: Some info coming out today, ticket prices will be posted, and you will be able to purchase tickets from your eWallet.  We are having a promotion where one affiliate will get their trip paid for FREE.  You can submit a testimonial (instructions will be on the these will be reviewed and the affiliate who gets the most votes will win $2,000 towards their trip to Trinidad and Tobago.  You will be invited on stage to celebrate being the winner.

Those are all my notes for today.


Weekly tasks: these are coming.  We are in the process of developing this, coming very soon. Just make sure you complete your initial tasks when you register.

World Tour tickets: Can we purchase from Legacy Wallet? (Ron showed the ticket page, please see the video replay) Please purchase your ticket well in advance.  You can purchase the ticket and you will be sent a BarCode representing your ticket (print or on your smartphone)

Thank you to the team who is answering questions.  We appreciate your support.  We appreciate all your effort and time that you are putting into your BB account.  We are so humbled to see people from all over the world joining us on the webinars.  I am looking forward to meeting you in Trinidad.  On behalf of the team and Chris, thank you for being with us today.

(end of webinar)
(summary notes prepared by Linda Lane and are not official BB transcripts. Please include this with any reposting!)

BB Update

Thursday, April 10, 2014

World eWallet postponement

World eWalletTM has announced a postponed of their release of their new platform due to a necessary upgrade to the World eWalletTM international transaction platform.

In their efforts to create a strong and innovative program capable of serving people around the world, World eWalletTM implemented this change to more effectively and efficiently serve their clients.  For this reason, the official launch date has been pushed back to ensure that the system improvements are fully integrated before it is publicly released.

Banners Broker has been in contact with World eWalletTM and their representative has informed us that they are working diligently to complete this upgrade and that every available effort is being put into ensuring that this solution will automate and simplify transactions, making them easier and quicker to process.

Banners Broker applauds World eWalletTM’s dedication to ensure that this system is of the highest caliber and will be an asset to Banners Broker and its affiliates in both the short and long term.  We have been promised a swift resolution to this matter and we will be continuing to communicate with World eWalletTM for progress reports as they proceed to reconstruct its services.

For more information, please review World eWallet World eWalletTM’s Media Relations page (, Twitter feed ( or Facebook page ( 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ad Credit Reduction

Many people have been affected by a reduction of the amounts in their Advertising Credits within the last 24 hrs.

The cause of this was that affiliates received an incorrect amount into their Advertising Credits.  During the migration, each affiliate that had an activated package received Advertising Credits for them in error.  Affiliates that had un-activated packages did not receive anything for them.   When this error was identified, a correction was made that removed the Advertising Credits given in error (the percentage of your package) and gave Advertising Credits for the un-activated packages.  The result of this is that many affiliates have seen their Advertising Credits go into the negative.

We apologize that further notice was not given.  Since the launch of BBv3, the programmers have been reviewing issues and bugs that have been reported and doing their best to resolve them.  Many of these reported issues were a lack of understanding and were not bugs after all.  We have endeavoured to address these concerns to make sure that everyone knows how the new system works.  As the IT team worked through these reported bugs, the issue of the miscalculated Advertising Credits was discovered and the team corrected it swiftly.  They did it so swiftly, and unfortunately, it was done prior to a notification to inform people of what was happening.  We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience that this has caused.  This issue was handled improperly and for that we are sorry. 

We are committed to ensuring that Banners Broker will continue to operate and be a way that people can benefit and earn money from being a part of the advertising channel.  We are also striving hard to make BBv3 the best that it can be.  We thank you for your ongoing support and participation.

The BB Team

Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Q&A Webinar 4/4/14

Ron Anderson speaking:

Welcome to the Friday call. Chris is busy working on the payouts and making sure those go out today, so he asked me to handle the call.  We have a ton of updates to talk about.


Chris is working on those payouts right now and they will be going out today.


I know people are worrying that panels have not been moving except for the yellows.  I want to let you know that it has been planned this way for v3.  We want to make sure everything is working properly, and that means taking things slow.  The yellows are working properly.  The panels are being submitted to the ad networks, but you are just not seeing the movement.  You will be able to see the movement very soon.

New Legacy Page:

If you go to your eWallet and Legacy Wallet, you will see your Legacy Wallet page.  Down at the bottom there's a link for LEGACY SUMMARY. Click there and you will see a ton of info about how your account looked in 2.9: panels, packages, percentages transferred over, etc.  Some people were afraid that inventory was lost in the transition, so we created this page so everyone will feel more confident.


As some of you know we have uploaded some new promotional videos for you to use as you are talking to new referrals. There are a few short ones, and one longer one.  These are really cool videos, short, concise and to the point.  The intention was to give you new tools to talk to people.  We also have additional videos being produced this week.

We've created capture pages, and a whole series of tools to make it easier for you to invite people.

Bank Details (Beneficiary info)

People have asked what does this mean.  The banking details are there just to make sure your account is as robust as it can be.  This is not required at the moment, but may need it in the future.  The purpose of the "beneficiary" is not who you will leave your account to when you die, but will be used later for banking processes.

Shipping information is not needed at the moment but has also been included for future purposes.


Support is a fantastic team of eager individuals.  They are a stellar group of people.  They are working hard, doing their best to answer tickets and approving ID's.  They are doing their best to answer everything.  They are very busy, and we appreciate your patience as support works through the tickets as quickly as they are able to do.  There have been a ton of tickets submitted.

We are working on bugs.  I am in contact with the leaders and with support.  We monitor the Facebook and other places.  When we identify a bug, we get that straightened out as quickly as possible. If you have an issue, please contact support and from there we will get it worked out for you.

The World Tour:

As you know the next tour will be July 13th, 2014, in Trinidad and Tobago. And tickets will be going on sale very shortly.  If you purchase before April 30th, you will get an early bird discount $15.  May 1 - May 24 tickets will be $25, after that they will be $40.  Please purchase your tickets, Chris Smith will be there, I will be there, and we are looking forward to actually being able to meet and connect with you.

Please share this info.  Tickets will not be available at the door.  We encourage you to purchase tickets as soon as possible so that we have an idea who will be coming.

You will be able to purchase tickets through your eWallet. Everyone will be glad for that.


Weekly tasks?  The tasks are there but have been suspended for now other than the initial tasks of filling in your account information.  The weekly tasks will begin shortly.

50% setting on panels? Right now legacy panels are all set to 50% because 50% will go into your Legacy Wallet.  The 10% rule is also in effect.  People are saying that they cannot set their new panels to 50%.  This is because the legacy panels are included for calculating the 10%.  As Legacy panels cap, you will be able to change your new v3 panels to 50%.

V3 Panel - time to complete? we cannot speak to exact times, but will probably take about the same amount of time as in v2.9.

Social media page problems?  We are working on that and it will be resolved shortly.

Traffic Pack allowance? This is the number of panels or amount of traffic pack traffic you can use to qualify your panels.  If you have questions, ask your inviter, send a support ticket, ask in a Skype room to get clarification.  There is also info on that in BB Guide.

Transferring funds - You do have to keep a positive balance in your Subscription Wallet for your panels to move.  You can transfer free from AdCredits to Subscription, but there is a fee to transfer from eWallet to Subscription wallet.

Webinars in multiple languages? We are working on that now and are in the process of being developed.

I see a lot of questions today.  I wish I could go through all of them, but that would take too long.  Please submit a ticket.  We are aware of a lot of the bugs and are working on them to get them resolved.  Within a week it should all be fine.

Just a reminder that payouts are going out today, so keep your eyes open for that. Thank you for being on the call today.  Please know the corporate team is here working hard to make sure everything works well for you, so that you can grow your business.

Thanks for joining us today, have a great weekend.

(end of webinar)
(summary notes prepared by Linda Lane and are not official BB transcripts.  Please include this note with all repostings)

Friday, March 21, 2014

BB Friday Q&A Webinar (3/21/14)

Ron Anderson speaking:

Good morning. Welcome to BB v3.  We're happy it's out there and you seem to be enjoying it so much. This is our first webinar for v3.  Glad to have you here.

Chris Smith speaking:

Guys, as Ron just mentioned, we are live and kicking.  We've been plugging away for many months on this platform, and it's a pleasure to see you all on the site and joining us for this journey.

The opening was Tuesday, and we noticed the speed was not where it should be.  We quickly realized where the bottleneck was and quickly addressed it.  There is much room to grow with Version 3.  The platform is modular and very adaptable to whatever the needs are.

Please read our newest blog post for an update.

We would like to formally announce the World Tour date! It will be Sunday, July 13th.  Please visit the website for all the information:

Trinidad is a wonderful place, and I can't wait to visit there again.  There will be other activities going on that weekend for you to enjoy as well as the BB Tour event.  Coming this summer, and we can't wait.

The Admin Fee - Your admin fee of $10 goes to BB, and different processors have a fee on top of that for the processing.  That's why you may be seeing additional amount over $10.  There was a problem with Payza but we are working on that.  And I believe that the situation with STP has been resolved.

For withddrawals/payouts, make sure you have your valid ID uploaded to BB. Please make sure you have a fresh ID in our system. The guys are working hard to get them approved as quickly as possible.


Many comments about how fast and how well the site is reacting and working. Thank you.

If you have any problems logging in, there is a password section for recovering that.

I'll turn it back over to Ron now.

ID's:  If you had your ID uploaded previously, then you have 3 months to upload your new ID's.

There was an issue with the allowance on the black panel.  That has been corrected.

We have noticed that some affiliates profile strength is stuck on 40%.  We are working on that now.

Organic Campaigns will be mandatory.  There is a manual which is in the final stages of editing, and should be released in the next week or so.

Panels are moving and submitted to the networks, so once the engine runs you will see the movement.

Organic traffic should be operating at 100%.

A huge number of questions here.  Please submit your question to support or ask in the Skype rooms or Facebook and see if affiliates can help you.

Legacy panels will all cap 50% into your Legacy eWallet and 100% of the impressions will go into your impression bank.

We are working on the new BB presentation, new promotional materials to help you with your inviting.
Please follow us at Twitter, Facebook and our blog.  A lot of these questions are being answered and posted for you to see.

Some people are still seeing the funding page when logging in.  This may be because the funding has not reached the processor yet. If it's taking you a little bit to get in, don't worry, all fundings will be processed soon.

I'm excited to have B3 out and flowing.  it's been a labor of love for a long time.  We are getting all the quirks worked out and the speed is up to par, so you can become more deeply involved with online revenue and earn income.

Thank you for joining us today.  The future is bright.

(These are only summary notes prepared by Linda Lane and are not official BB transcripts. Please include this when you re-post)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

BBv3 Launch

BBv3 Launch

Welcome to BBv3. 

On Tuesday, March 18, 2014, Banners Broker version 3 was released to affiliates all over the world.

Over the last several months, we have built the platform for version 3.  This was a culmination of our thoughts and feedback from the field.  It has been a long time in development and we are pleased to see it come to fruition.

When we opened the doors, it was incredible to see so many people that wanted to be a part of it.  We are humbled by your energy and enthusiasm to see something that has been the focal point of our professional efforts for so long.

Moments after opening, we realized that the speed of the site was not where it needs to be.  When we looked at our upgraded monitoring system, we noticed that most of the processes were running at 1%-5% and it was only one part of the system that was strained.  This quickly indicated to us where the bottleneck was occurring and we were able to go in and reconfigure the settings to more evenly distribute the load to improve the speed on the site.

Try looking at it like this - imagine that you have planned a dinner party.   You know your guests and what they like to eat so you make sure that you have enough for everybody.  You make sure that you have lots of variety so people can pick and choose at the buffet table.  Your guests arrive and everyone loves the decorations and the food and, as you watch the line, you notice that the pierogis are going much faster than everything else and realize you didn't get enough. Luckily the store is near by so you can run out and get more but there will be some people waiting.

BBv3 was built on the best available technology and was designed to be fast and stable for years to come.  The system is also built to be modular so that as one piece needs to be upgraded or replaced, it will not affect the whole system.  It is the platform through which this worldwide phenomenon of Banners Broker will carry us all forward.  The future is bright and we are here, working hard and doing what we need to do.  We hope that you will join us as we grow and go deeper into the world of online advertising.  Banners Broker will continue to be at the forefront of technological and advertising paradigms and we hope that you will come with us.

The future is bright. The future is now.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Are you a business owner or an employee?

These days, there are a huge number of entrepreneurs starting their own businesses.  With the Internet, you can create for yourself a professional and unique website that allows you to connect with the market place to promote what you are doing.  Some people take this as an opportunity to do what they love, some want to be the one to make decisions, others want to make a little extra money on the side and some because they see huge potential to make money in the long run.

Other people prefer going to work, doing what they are told and, every week or so, getting a pay cheque.  Some enjoy their jobs, many hate them and almost all of them wish that they made more.  They work the hours that they are told, have to ask for time off and hope to get it and all of the work that they do benefits the company, not themselves.

So which would you rather be?  There are positives and negatives to both sides but having your own side business that allows you to make some extra money and has the potential for growth tends to trump working for someone else.

You are not an employee of Banners Broker, we don’t tell you how to run your business.  You are an independent affiliate that can choose to manage your business how you think is best.  There are rules that you need to follow but beyond that, the decisions are yours.