Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Post

Hello Everyone!

Wow what a tremendously successful year it has been for BB and our affiliates.  We have had quite the productive year and have a lot planned for 2013.

2012 saw us grow from a company of 5 or 6 employees to now just under 100 employees.  We have moved our Canadian office into it's brand new 15,000 sq ft building, and have grown from having less then 1000 affiliates at the beginning of the year too, over 250,000 affiliates as of the end of the year.  We had great times expanding the company and brand on a even greater global scale by making stops in: Israel, Ireland, U.K., Sweden, Poland, and the launch of our BB World Tour in Ireland.  Contrary to what some were saying that we would not last even a few months, well we are bigger and have a brighter future that we have had at any other point in the past.

This week on a respected MLM news website released a  poll ranking the top MLM companies in the world.  The link for the poll is here  When you go to the site you are given one vote, use that vote to help bring Banners Broker to the top of the list and show the world what a great opportunity it is and that this is the top Direct Selling company in the world.  The poll is running until January 31, 2013, so feel free to pass this along to other BB affiliates.

BB has a lot of big plans for 2013, including further global expansion, with BB World Tour stops in Poland and India.  Work will continue on the completion of our new Canadian office with hopeful completion by the end of 2013.  We will continue to grow our support staff to better support our amazing affiliates.  We want to continue to grow and be successful but in order to do that we need to make sure our affiliates are growing and being successful as well, this is our first priority. 

This will be the last blog for 2012 so we wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season and a Merry Christmas.  Stay safe and we will see you all again in the New Year.  Thank you so much for such a successful 2012 it would not have been possible without all of your business and support.


Friday, December 14, 2012

December Blog

Hello Everyone!

It is an exciting time for BB and the start of the 2012 holiday season.  We are just coming off a tremendously successful BB World Tour stop in Ireland, where we met with over 600 affiliates and even more potential affiliates looking to join BB.   Tour stops were also made in three cities in the U.K. and Sweden as well. 

While this tour stop was running, BB was busy growing their company back home in Canada, hiring additional staff for support to improve it`s speed and effectiveness and also new staff to help expedite the I.D. approval process.  As BB grows in affiliates and staff as well we look forward to continued success and serving our affiliates even better. 

We have plans to better represent BB in social media by adding new and more videos to our Youtube account and also updating and expanding our Facebook and twitter exposure.  BB is more on track then ever now, and we hope that our passion for this business is represented through these means.

During this past week we have received a flurry of testimonials from people all over the world on their great personal experiences with Banners Broker.  Three of these were from Arijit Chaudhury, Pallab Ghosal and Achintya Bhattacharya. We will be posting the full testimonials from each of them at in the testimonials section at the bottom of the page.   Each of these individuals explained how Banners Broker has help them achieve success in their lives and in one case how it helped bring one family a great amount of relief. Hearing how Arijit's story has ended up, you can't help but get a smile on your face.

The construction on the new BB main office in Canada is now well underway, we have begun consolidating the staff under one roof, to bring about a tighter work community.   We were recently asked how long BB was committed to being around.  BB will be around as long as affiliates want to remain a part of the program, we are committed indefinitely.  We are stronger then ever and is not going anywhere.  Thank you all for your business and support.

BB Team

Monday, December 10, 2012

BB in Ireland

Hello Everyone

This past weekend BB made a stop in Dublin Ireland for a stop on the BB World Tour.  It was a 3 day event held at the gorgeous and hospitable City West Hotel and Conference Centre.

Friday evening began with a Banners Broker information session that was attending by over 500 affiliates.  Paul McCarthy of BB Ireland hosted this presentation, which had a lot of the affiliates and staff really energetic and excited to hear about what BB had planned for Ireland and all over the world.  Chris Smith and Rajiv Dixit were introduced and it was great to see the affiliates so excited and interested, there was a great energetic buzz in the air.

Rajiv Dixit gave his best presentation to date, enthralling the affiliates from Ireland and around the world.  He updated the affiliates on all of the exciting news that BB had as well as future plans for the company.  This was a great opportunity for new and long standing affiliates to hear from the corporate team directly and to also meet them face to face.  The presentations were followed by a question period for the affiliates to ask anything they wanted to know.

Saturday was a very thorough and informative training day at the conference centre at City West Hotel.  With over 800 people attending the affiliates were excited to hear from great speakers on the corporate team.

The great lineup of speakers and some of the topics they covered were:

Lorenzo Guarini - How to build your Business
David Hooker - Corporate Team Building
Stephanie Schlacht - Panels/Sales Credits
Grant D'Eall - Traffic/Advertising Coordinators

The crowd was buzzing and was able to meet and greet each of the speakers after their presentations.  The affiliates said the speakers were all very relatable, positive and extremely informative.  This was also a good opportunity for some new affiliates to meet some of the more experienced affiliates and learn some success strategies from them.  The information sessions ended with everyone excited and positive and ready to party the night away at the Gala Dance and Dinner.

The Gala was attended by over 800 people making it the second largest dinner in Ireland for 2012.  The evening started off with a delicious dinner followed by a speech from the owner of BB Chris Smith.  Chris gave a great speech thanking everyone for helping BB become such a great success.  He also thanked Paul McCarthy for organizing such a great event so far and such a beautiful dinner.  Paul as expected really came through and blew us away with such a tremendous event.

The rest of the evening was full of dancing and full until the wee hours of the morning.  There was lively entertainment and lots of laughter and celebration.  What a great night to be a part of.

Sunday was the final day but also the biggest day of the event.  Rajiv and Chris addressed the over 1000 people by introducing the corporate team and by giving the affiliates the future plans of Banners Broker.  David Hooker also addressed the affiliates and shared with them the plans for the longevity and bright future of BB.  There truly has never been a more exciting time to be a part of BB.  The information session concluded with affiliates having another chance to ask Chris, Rajiv and the corporate team any questions they might have.

Special thanks again to Paul McCarthy and his team for putting together such an amazing event.  They truly represented Banners Broker and help showcase what a great company BB and what a tremendous opportunity it was for people.

We also what to thank all of the affiliates for coming out and being a part of the weekend.  We look forward to a bright future with you all and seeing you all again.  We wish you all great success.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

November Update

November 28, 2012 

We`re back!!!!!!!!!

Sorry it has been a few months since we last posted anything, but we have been very busy and have lots of great news to go over.

Due to such growth and demand for Banners Broker worldwide we have recently expanded our company, more specifically support.  Banners Broker has hired an additional 30 + support staff in order to better serve its affiliates.

We have also moved into our new building in a much nicer location and more centrally located.  We will be sending out weekly updates on the progress of our new locations renovations, to give you an inside look and be part of this exciting expansion for us.  Stayed tuned for more updates.

We will also be hosting a massive Banners Broker World Tour event in Dublin, Ireland at weeks end.  We will post more information on this next week after the event.  There will be 3 days of exciting information as well as networking opportunities with other BB affiliates, and a gala dinner on Saturday evening.

This is a tremendously exciting time for Banners Broker, and we look forward to helping our affiliates grow their businesses.  If you are not an affiliate yet take a look at our website to learn more about us.

Thanks everyone